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wind warnings going up its a high wind warning running until 11:00 a.m. for coastal bay. southerly winds gusting to 65 miles per hour. could be higher gusts up to 75 miles per hour. windi->t advisory covering they area downed trees and power lines are a possibility. i'll be back with a look at the snorms just a few minute autos thank you very much. it's a pleasant evening now. as you can see in this live picture of san francisco from our camera in the east bay hills, but that is changing. one many areas tonight as the store bears down is the creek in marin. mark matthews is there tonight. it's flood there'd. >> it has. we're up on the marin headlands and it's wind causing concern. let's start in tiburon at the tok autos winds are
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encouraging boat owners to check on mooring lines. the changing weather brought jim erskin down to the docks, leaves falling, and jeff brooks says these storms from hawaii mean it's a good time to clean out the gutter autos pineapple express. i've learned in the pacht. you don't want to consider them lightly. >> out in front of the face is one of 15 crews hired to cut branch as way from power lines. pg&e is expecting this storm to cause outages. the utility is stockpiling trance formers in their yards, warning marin county residents to expect the brunt of the storm. >> that means having battery operated radios and flashlights on hand. having a corded telephone on hand, ready to go. so when power is out, cordless phones won't work. >> the county says it's been clearing out storm drains for
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months, outside of fire house 2, linda krueger took advantage of the free sand, sandbag that's stations are putting out for residents. krueger is being cautious we're not worried like wherebm/÷ the poor little buildings just flood. we don't have that stuff. just leakage. >> they have had their share of flood bug today, creek is down. there are no sandbags in front of the creekside shops. the owner of hilda's coffee shop says her family survived floods, but storm isn't a concern. >> there has not been any rain. so we're not worried. >> the ba at that timin chief tells me it will be the second or third storm that will be the one to watch. >> the timinging, i believe of the storms, back tobacco produce runnoff. >> and again, more than runnoff, we're thinking it will be the high winds that
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will cause branches into power lines as pg&e said they expect power to go out. just waiting to see where, and when. >> mark, thank you. >> in oakland, public works department is handing out sandbag asks clearing debris. there is a call for volunteers to keep drains clear once the storm hits so crews can head to where they're needed most t sandbags available from 8:00 in the morning in fire station as cross oakland. >> water district is yugs web cams to keep an eye on rivers and creeks where back ups can cause flooding. the cameras monitor critical storm drains in los gatos and morgan hill. district employees will monitor the web cams refreshing every five minutes so it's up to day. water district encouraging homeowners to remove leaves and debris from gutters to avoid clogging drains. >> it's been a few years since
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we really have had it plugged up. it's been a few years since we had real big storms. but, you know, it's coming. going to happen. >> you can watch those web cams for potential flood has yards on the district web site. we have a link. and the approach of the big storm serves as a reminder to make sure you're ready for rainy condition or natural hazards for that matter. advice is at abc 7 >> a school bus driver is being hailed as a hero following her rescue of a special needs girl from a burning bus this morning. we are live from the school district with thisr8áory. >> this is is a school bus designed to carry special needs children. it's been gutted by flames. i want to you take a look at the video and see for yourself.
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we have a photo taken just after the bus caught fire. now, bus driver wilma just dropped off three children at the middle school here was about to take off with her last passenger, she noticed smoke. emergency shut down the power. that is when the courage and dedication kicked into achblgts. >> our bus driver picked the child up, carrying her to the bench. and went back to the bus trying to keep everybody away from the bus. so she really did her job today. >> yes. did her job. and then some. she's apparently also shy about her heroics but the school district understandably
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proud of their dedicated bus driver. san jose firefighters also deserve a really big hand tonight. they got that heavy motorized wheelchair off of the bus, they man wrathed to save it from the same fate that the bus suffered. so that is being cleaned up. and will be returned to the family. a scary situation but a happy ending tonight in san jose, abc 7 news. >> happy ending and very, very brave. thank you very much. >> milpitas police looking for a gunman from a traffic stop shootout today. just before 2:00 in the morning, officers pulled over a driver on jack lynn road. the officer was not hit. >> driver of the suspect vehicle exited and immediately opened fire on our office sers. -- officers. our officer able to return fire, it's unknown if the suspect was struck. the suspect fled.> and our officer suffered minor injury that's did not require
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medical attention. >> police say the driver abandoned his vehicle nearby. the officer is a six year veteran of the police force. he is on routine leave while shooting investigation continues. and in san jose tonight prosecutors say that a 15-year-old boy will face murder charges as an adult. police arrested adonis moldro on friday, believing he and a 26-year-old jonathan dawson willbanks killed rory park pettiford during an attempted car jacking. it also included four armed robberies and a shootout that injured a police officer november 16th. >> the sheriff metla&n with parents today at a school where a registered sex offender was allowed to volunteer last month. david louie is live where that meeting just wrapped up. david? >> that is correct. a four hour meeting just wrapped up here in san jose. it was an opportunity for the parents to meet with the
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sheriff to ask important questions about their kids' safety. the parents learn that had santa clara county has,000 registered sex offenders. some living around this school. the sheriff hoped the meeting would be open to the public and media. school officials didn't agree. >> we brought flyers and maps and information on the internet and about child offenders but i want parents to set the tone and tell me with a they're looking for from us. >> detectives showing wherajñn the registered sex owe grerndz live within a mile of the school. the map is a resource available online to parents because of the law. >> people and offenders are any and everyone in the community. so sometimes you never know. >> someone at the school aloud
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the 51-year-old2ás= convicted child molester to volume lun near a fund raising he venlt. the bishop of the diocese says this will never happen again. the popular parish priest left. a former student used technology to confirm her suspicion. >> this young woman went on to her phone, and saw yes, he is a sex offender. she used technology to confirm. >> few parents wanted to stop to talk about the matter. one did. cindy has three children ages five, seven, nine. >> everybody is fwork together. we're a strong community going to be looking out for one another. so, so. yes. there is no concern for me. >> the sheriff says an investigation is underway to determine whether anyone knew that a registered sex owe
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fwrernd was working as a volunteer. >> still to come tonight at 6:00 a couple ends up on the wrong side of the gun. but they're quick thinking saved the day. >> a moving ceremony, a tribute. two fallen political icons 34 years after they were assassinated. >> please tell me when i should put her to sleep. so she won't suffer in the abomb lips. >> answering e mails on apocalypse. the scientist with a job that is not easy to do. >> order two items receiving only one what. do you do?
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sky 7 is live over breaking news in oakland. a stabbing in this jack in the box restaurant in the fruit veil district this, is 24th avenue at international boulevard wex know at this point that someone was transported in an ambulance, but no word yet on conditions. also, police tell us they were called there because of a stabbing. we'll keep on top of this for you. >> a good samaritan is being credited with quick thinking but police are warning he may have put himself and his wife in danger. some frightening video of what happened. >> this is one of the don't try this at home stories.
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police here say that these citizens, the individual yes was helpful in capture the bad guys on the other hand putting folks in a precarious situation. this video shows a couple coming face-to-face with a gun wielding suspect. who is none too happy he's being recorded. the incident started at 4:00 p.m. mochbl the couple driving on%(ñ high street nearr@zv÷ foot hill. they saw a nissan altima driving erratically, cross together wrong side of the street. at one point the suspects pull up to the couple, pull out a gun and demand they hand over the fob. the couple sped away. >> when they reached the 4700 block of foot hill, and pulled over and stopped, one suspect opened the back door of the car, got into the car. at gun point demand that had cell phone containing that video. that husband was able to push
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him out of the car. and directed his wife to hit the gas and get out of there. >> the couple got away, but not before the suspect fired several shots, hitting their car. the victims then shared their video with police, who recognized one suspect and his nissan. they tracked down two hours later on the 1200 block of seminary. the suspects were arrested and have been identified as a 21-year-old james crosby and his 39-year-old brother-in-law, michael meadow autos we live can capture and further investigations but this same time, we don't want to see anyone injured or killed because of this. so we need to use a fine balance. >> crosby is later believed to be the one that waived the gun at the couple and fired shots. both expected to be charged with assault with a deadly
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weapon and attempted robbery. >> this evening, san francisco is honoring legacy two of]rbx fallen leaders assassinated 34 years ago today inside of their offices at city hall. >> san francisco gay men chorus sang in memory of the two a short time ago. speakers included milk's nephew, stewart. a group marched to milk's old camera store. he was the first openly gay man elected to office in san frachblt he not only championed lgbt community but spoke up for neighborhoods where people felt ignored by city hall. >> other people are being remembered tonight. victims of the oikos university massacre will be remembered thanks to a special
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a musical performance highlighted the ceremony. the plot of landed indicated in honor of the seven people. a psychiatrist found the suspect is not mentally competent to stand trial. a judge will determine whether the trial goes forward. >> today a fed ram judge denied national rifle association request for a preliminary injunction against two san francisco gun laws. the attorney argued it reasonable withheld public safety. the storage law requires guns to be locked when stored in the home. other law bars sale of dangerous am mission. >> and let's go back and spencer christian is off tonight. there are serious storms coming in. >> first one coming in during morning commute.
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let me show you a live picture right now. looking towards downtown san francisco. right now, not a lot going on. our radar will show you that we do have clouds around. mount st. helena tracking this storm as it hits during morning commute. temperatures now into 50s. and 60s here are the highlights. stormy for morning commute, rain shifting north on thursday. and more wet, windy weather follows. we have two more storms coming up. here is the first storm bringing us a burst of wind and rain. this second storm is coming through here and it's going to be a slow mover. rain spreads from north to south, thursday, through friday. as we head into weekend, the third in the series comes through. it will brin/xo wind, rain, late saturday night going into sunday.zrs1ñ so tonight at 11:00 just crowds. look what happened for morning
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commute. heavy rained and rain arrives for a couple hours. high wind warning goesing up tomorrow. heavy rain at times and then, behind the front 1:00 p.m. we can see wind and rain dropping off. so scattered showers storm two will be approaching thursday, 5:00 a.m. light rain on thursday, then, heading into thursday afternoon, evening, rain shifts, it's still north of the golden gate bridge at 5:00 p.m. thursday. then heading into thursday night, friday. it's moving south ward. friday morning commute is not looking good as well. heavy rain at times. so down pours continue, then, more rain follows. wednesday through sunday, rainfall estimates highest to
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the north. eight inches through sunday into wet qlofktss. a half foot across parts of the north bay. looking at six inches from san francisco into south bay and flood watch thursday afternoon through sundaya÷cs( afternoon. delta, lake county including sacramento valley. possibility of flooding is a concern as we head closer to weekend. wednesday, for the sierra nevada not going to be ap6 big snow maker. gusty winds could be difficult getting up there tomorrow morning. preparing for a stormy ride making sure to give extra time and make sure kids have rain gear with them as well. upper 40s to mid-50s taking a
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a big change coming for the amgen tour bike rice next may. riders will head south to north. the 750 mile a stop tour starting in escondido, then heading through santa barbara. san jose hosting stage six. it's the only city to have all eight races stopped there. the 8th stage runs from san francisco to santa rosa. this raises funds for scanser research and we have more on abc 7
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>> tonight stocks closed lower again today, the dow jones dropped 89 points, nasdaq fell nine. s and p down 7. 2012 turning out to be a banner year for holiday sales. ibm says sales of 30% over last year, sales up on black friday, too. ibm analyzed transactions from 500 u.s. retailers. smaller version of theck&1 new slimmed down imac commuters will go on sale for $1300. wilt not be available until next no. >> a follow up on a story last night. a mother coming to the dpeens of four police officer who's orderered her son to do push
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ups for an act of vandalism. the young man was one of five ordered to drop to do push ups after seen smashing a mailbox. officials protested and police chief ordered an investigation.%vmo saying officers overstepped authorities. the officers face suspension. but the mother says the officers taught her son a lesson, she does not think they should be suspended. >> and just ahead going to war over military roles in combat. >> it's bad forearmed forces for our service members and needs to be changed. >> new legal challenge. why some say changing this would be a mistake. >> comments on a deadly attack in libya. republicans say they're more troubled an ever. >> meet the scientist who answers e mails about the mayan calendar end of the world profesy.
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more service women suing the defense department saying the ban is unconstitutional. the aclu filed the suit today in court. abc 7 news vic lee is here with the story. vic? >> this is the lawsuit aclu filed today in san francisco. and it says many service women are engaging in combat but that the government turns a blind eye to that. >> taking fire for 20 minute autos major mary jenningsfç> i received shap nel through face and arms and a burn on the back. >> the staff sargeant jennifer hunt has been an army reservist a decade. >> all four who filed suit have experience despite the
6:31 pm
defense department policies. >> they say in modern warfare, front line is everywhere. >> every time a woman, or any service member sits foot into iraq or afghanistan, they're >> because of the policy, women often not officially part of the units they're going on mission was. >> the policy one of the last policy that's preassume that's women arenx less capable. >> 280,000 served in iraq and afghanistan. the plaintiffs say the demand puts them at a disadvantage for promotion skpsz recognition. >> it has the affect of closing whole career fields to service women. and closing hundreds of thousands of positions to them. >> this year, the defense
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department opened positions to >> the number of countries that have opened front line
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combat positions to women is larger than you might think. a 2010 survey by british ministry of defense listed canada, finland, france, germany israel, norway, poleland, romania and sweden as country that's allow women 7u australia joined the list when opening it front line units to women. including in afghanistan. >> a bay area woman is not giving up a fight against the federal government after she was fired from the va she's for pointing out errors in veteran disability claims. jenny fox representing her snefl a lawsuit against the va saying she was fired after notifying a supervisor about a;h being rejected. straining her but she will not back down. >> i believe i can nevering forrive myself if i don't stand up and advocate for myself which is advocating for
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other va employees and veterans. >> an analysis found an error rate of 38% in claims. attorneys for the federal government declined to comment on this case. today's hearing was over issues involving evidence. the trial doesn't start until next year. >> to washington. congress and the president are no closer to a deal to avoid masigs, tax increases in spending cuts that so called fiscal cliff. the senate top rbi republican says the president is back on the trail instead of sitting down with lawmakers to negotiate a settlement. the president met with small business owners to built support for the aproich. tomorrow, meeting with middle class families. the president wants higher taxes for the wealthy. and un ambassador susan rice went to capitol hill to meet with republican senators. she's high on the list to
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secretary of state. she's been under fire from senate republicans over the attac killed four americans, including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. today's meeting did not go well. >> we're doubled by many of the answers that we got. i'm more disturbed now than before. >> the republican senators stopped short of saying they'd block the nomination. they say they need more information and have more questions about the incident in benghazi. >> we're coming up on december to 1. that is the day mayans said the world would end. one scientist has been answering countless letters about the rumors. david morrison has a big job. >> iville lun teared to answer the questions the public sends in. >> some of the pivotal
6:36 pm
scientific questions of our time. >> these are questions about life in the universe. and that went along fine until fours years ago. suddenly i started getting questions about the end of the world.:sap >> dooms day. some say the ancient mayan days on december 21, 2012. >> one touching letter is simply my best friend is my little dog. please tell me when i should put her to sleep so sheqqq wont suffer in the apocalypse. >> what are your reactions to those letters? >> i'm disturbed by letters from kids who are afraid. i think that is the worst part. of the hoax. it is a hoax. >> a hoax he says with tens of millions of views on you tube, one predicts a planet crashing into the earth. >> there there were such an object it would be the brightest thing in the sky. anyone could see it he posted
6:37 pm
advise his own videos. >> planet x doesn't threatent earth. >> i have received letters from young people say they're contemplating suicide and a few from mother who's say they're planning to kill their children and them self ease answers them but it takes a toll. he wakes up on december 22, he said he'll hand over the job to someone else. >> i have become sort of obsessed with dooms day, to 12. >> he's a scientist but has done reading and says the same ancient mayansw0orñ also prof sd for some of that to happen 3,000 years from now. meaning even they didn't think the world was coming to an end. >> still to come tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 a bay area man loved his cook top so much, he had to have two of them. >>
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you've probably liked a product so much you bought another for a friend or relative.
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>> one offer didn't come through. michael finney is here with the story tonight. >> yes this, overturned into a one for two offer that didn't set well with this viewer so he brought to it my attention. >> keep my herbs handy. >> gregory doesn't just like to cook. he has a passion for it. >> this is tonight. >> one of the favorite things so when he saw this cook top on late night tv he had to have it. it's the new waive predecision induction cook top. >> i got on the phone and pulled out the credit4wçéd and stuff at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. i order the item. deal was buy one, get one free. >> it arrived and he put to it use. here it is sitting on top of the sto. he liked it and he coul6;.hoo the infomercial.
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>> it has controlled heat. it cooks perfectly. you don't have to worry about burning it. >> so where is the consumer problem? well, he only got one cook top. remember, itzm=bg was offered aa two for one deal. >> i am leaving messages and e mails and stuff. nobody is returning anything to me. i'm not getting a response. i could not get a live person to talk to. so this made it more difficult he contacted on your side. we looked over and made contact with new way. >> four days later this thing arrived in the mail. i was stoked ask so stoked very happy. >> and new wave told us demand has been high so he ran out of inventory. we noe now have plenty in stock. there are no more delays. >> i'd like to thank the folks for taking care of us so quickly. if you have a consumer problem
6:43 pm
let me know bit. maybe you'll be stoked. >> thank you. >> concerns about eating pork. >> yes. coming up possible risk you might face and substance farmers use that
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there used to be a big concern of eating pork but a risk of a parasite has largely been eliminated however, our partners at consumer reports found there are new reasons to take recaution autos pork is a samples found cause for concern. two thirds contaminated with a bacteria. >> there is fever and abdominal pain and troubling the vast majority of the bacteria that we've found were resistant to one or more commonly used antibiotic autos consumer reports also found a
6:47 pm
few pork samples contaminated with other bacteria that can be harmful. including salmonella and staf. and again, some of the bacteria were resistant to certain antibiotics. >> this is worry some because it can lead toin affections in human that's are difficult to treat. >> on farms, healthy pigs are given low doses of antibiotics to preventote growth. a second consumer reports test found about 20% have traces of the drug used in pigs to promote growth and make meat lean. one producer says it is a safe, effective administration approved supplement that has been widely used in the hog farming industry many years. >> levels were below limits set by the fda but consumer union believes it should be banned because there isn't enough evidence it safe. >> consumer reports recommends buying wout antibiotics.
6:48 pm
this is important to cook pork thoroughly as well. we contacted fda about the drug and they responded that the fda evaluated it prior to approve prog duct and continuing to monitor safety and effectiveness. 26 other committees have concluded that food derived from animals treated with bractopomine is safe for humans to eat. >> okay. let's talk about the storm system coming in. >> yes. as we check out live doppler 7 now, we're just dealing with clouds. but first storm gets in here>j1 into early morning hours, 2:00 a.m. light rain. strongest of the storms have heavy wind and rain at 5:00
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a.m. stormy weather runs 8:00 a.m. you can see down pours here, strong winds, 10:00 a.m. we're going to deal with heavy rainfall at times. could see thunderstorms. that is finally going through behind the frontal. we'll go with scattered showers and winds dropping off but in the morning, the winds will be going strong. so high wind washing for coastal areas 4:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. looking at wind gusts 55-65 miles per houragy wind advisory for the rest of the bay area. wet weather continues for thursday, friday, heading into the weekend. two more storms follow. another chance of rain on tuesday. so it's going to be rough for a few day autos active. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> continuing a decision on the 49ers dilemma expected tomorrow. will this divide the locker roompi@$@ t@)x)x
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mike shumann is here with important news.
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>> the decision comes tomorrow. >> yes. >> we'll see. the 49er quarterback to be determined. keeping the 49ers in the news, though. jim harbaugh said he'll probably make a decision wednesday. my initial feeling is that harbaugh is old school. heeds loyal, he'll name the starter this week against the rams remember, he brought alex back off the scrap heap and was plays from the super bowl last season. is he due"=rz $8.5 million last season. now might be the time to make the switch. this can divide a hocker room. if he names alex a starter kyle will be fine witness but you're going to have grumbling from the rest of the team. he was pulled away, and daunte whitner doesn't think the decision will divide the locker room. >> we have a lot of characters in this locker room. to understand the nature of the business. i understand that is not up to
6:54 pm
us to make the decisions we have to go out there and execute. you know? we'll deal witness. there are two starters. two good quarterbacks. if he wants to stay in there to play. you know? so i real quarterbacks preparing to deal with the decision. it's a business and will be one of the toughest calls up until this point. saints game. he will be out for the remainder of the season. with kyle williams. this may open the door for michael james to get playing time. linebacker with 49ers reaching an agreement on a five year extense today throughout the 2018 season for $45.25 million. the 25 of that is guaranteed.
6:55 pm
24-year-old has one interception this season. >> warriors in first place in pacific decision they haven't while. they're doing it without andrew boeing yet. his rehab was slow process. and he tried to play through it. i missed last nine games back in rehab spending time in rehab with a specialist. now, he realizes he tried to come back too soon. >> now, i know just trying to play, so team playing well at the moment. so just playing lots of ball, and when ready to contribute it be back out there. >> animal letic players decided to donate a playoff
6:56 pm
share to eight local chairitable efforts. a's community fund, a few of the charities that will benefit from this donation. that is a nice gesture this, sports report is brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> yes. hard decision, huh? >> yes. >> thank you. >> raider nation, we want to see your team pride. e mail your fan photos to you report at >> we'll show them on raiders day. >> it's going to be fun. >> join me tonight at 9:00 coming up what some say is silicon valley dirty little secret. >>/3ñf at 11:00 there is a creey
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name for a trendy new facial treatment, vampire face lift. it's all coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> does it remove your blood >> does it remove your blood or something
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this is "jeopardy!"
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today's contestants are -- a statistician from charlotte, north carolina... a bartender from st. louis, missouri... and our returning champi an actor originally from oak park, illinois... on,and our returning champi and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert, and welcome, ladies and gentlemen. we got the week off to a great start yesterday. the three players had earned over $50,000 going into the final, but we had a killer final, and that's why lucas didn't win but $13,900. let's see what happens today, though, with john and mary to challenge him. welcome aboard. good luck. here comes the jeopardy! round.
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